Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Less Noticed Volunteering By Lacy Ngo

I have always heard that no church volunteer job is too small, and God can use even the smallest jobs to do God's will. However, I have always felt that I have not made enough of a difference. I feel that the most important act a Christian can do is to help someone know God or bring someone closer to God. Although I volunteer, I have always felt that I have fallen short in regards to really helping someone grow closer to God. After all, how much of a difference can I really make by cleaning up the nursery or watching children in the nursery during church service? 

Well, I have recently realized just how much these “mundane” volunteer activities have made a difference in my life. My son had been enjoying the nursery for many months; then, shortly after he turned 2 years old, he became very attached to mommy. He wouldn’t leave my side, so I either had to miss church or bring him with me for several weeks. When I brought him with me, I spent so much time trying to keep him quiet that I left church barely knowing the topic of the service. After weeks of this, I actually started feeling spiritually deprived. I missed those beautiful moments with God, and I noticed my spiritual growth had stalled. 

During this time I realized how important these nursery workers were to me. Every time the men and women in the nursery watched my child, they were witnessing to me! Because of them, I could hear the word of God. Because of them, I could experience awe inspiring moments with God. My son is now moving past his mommy attachment phase. Thanks to the volunteers in the nursery, I am growing spiritually again, but I now have a new appreciation for the people who clean the church, cook church meals, watch our children, greet us at the door, manage the finances, or any of the other less noticed volunteer opportunities. God is using these unnoticed jobs to do his ultimate will, bringing people closer to him.

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