Wednesday, December 19, 2012

JOY By Val Kenney

During this time of Advent, we tend to forget what the Christmas Season is really all about.  Lost in all the commercialism and trying to outdo each other with our gift giving, we tend to forget the Reason for the Season or at least place it very far from our thoughts.  We need to remember that the greatest gift ever given was given to us in the person of Jesus Christ and that the greatest price ever paid for a gift was the price Jesus paid for our forgiveness.  So this year when we get lost in the hustle and bustle that always seems to accompany the Christmas Season I pray that each one of us can stop and think of these three little letters, JOY: 
Jesus Others Yourself         

May we always put Jesus first in our lives, followed by caring for the needs of others as Jesus did and finally taking care of ourselves. 
May Christ be at the center of our Advent Seasons this year and forever more.  Amen

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