Friday, November 18, 2016

"I'm a Little Scared" by Lacy Ngo

“Can we read some stories before I go to sleep?” Hilt asked. “Of course, let’s read the ‘God and Me’ book first, I replied as I snuggled my 6 year old. I always cherish those rare moments when he wants to snuggle. This particular night was the night before he had one of his lung procedures at the Children’s hospital. The next morning, Hilt, who has a condition called bronchiectasis, would be put to sleep so that the doctor could suck the mucus from his lungs. I could tell Hilt was a little nervous as we opened the “God and Me” book to the page we had left off. “God and Me” was a daily devotional book for kids. Sometimes God seems to find ways to speak to us and to let us know that He is with us; this particular night was one of those nights.  The devotion for the night was amazingly about going to the hospital, and God giving us doctors and nurses to help us feel better! As I was reading along, Hilt noticed this coincidence and exclaimed, “How did God to that!” I just smiled and said, “I don’t know how He does things like this, Hilt, but I am so glad He does!”

The following morning we were headed to Charlotte for the procedure. My little tough boy timidly said, “Mommy, I am a little scared.”

“I know sweetie,” I replied, why don’t we pray.”

Hilt sweetly prayed, “God, will you cuddle me?”

That simple prayer was one of the most beautiful prayers I had ever heard. It was so genuine and shocking coming from my little high-energy boy who always says, “I don’t know?” when I ask him to pray or says, “Noooo cuddles!” on most days.

Thank you God for comforting us when we are a “little scared.”