Monday, April 3, 2017

Our Disciple Fast Track Journey by Vicki Stevens


The group of St. John’s adults who has joined together in the Disciple Fast Track study has embarked on a 24-week-long journey through much of the bible.

God’s promises and laws for His Chosen People were studied in depth from the Old Testament for the first 12 weeks of the study.  We saw how God gave the Israelites second…and third…and more chances to live up to his expectations of how good they really could be.  When He saw that humans were just not going to make it on our own, He sent Jesus to save us from our sins and ourselves.  Thus began the second 12-week part of the study of the New Testament.

Through the study of the Gospels and Epistles we are learning how we can more model our life after Jesus in order to be better disciples of him.

The reading assignments have been overwhelming at times, but the book is certainly the best we’ve ever read!

Thanks to Pastor Rett who keeps us on track and imparts on us his biblical knowledge and understanding!