Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Remembering God Everyday by Lacy Ngo

This past Sunday, during the Fulfilling Freedom Moment, Marie Leonard talked about getting a job so that she could contribute more financially to our church.  Marie talked about how she planned to work for 3 years at this job for the sole purpose of honoring God’s will and to give to the church.  Although I was amazed and humbled by the fact that Marie was going to give all her earnings from her new job to the church, I actually found myself pondering another comment she made.  She talked of how she was afraid that working was going to take her time away from her church friends, volunteering, and even take away her quality time with God.  Then she had two thoughts.  One, she will just take God with her to her job. Second, she realized how many people she would meet every day while working, and she realized how many opportunities she would have to show God’s love to others while she worked.  So work would actually do the opposite of take her away from God or take her away from helping others. Work actually gave her more opportunities.  Wow!  I want to remember this in my own life.  I want to remember to pray every day, “God, help me see those who need my help and love, and help me know what to do.  Help me serve You wherever I go, whether at the mall, in the grocery store, in line at a bank, at the park, at work, and everywhere. Please help me remember that no matter where I am, it is all about You, God.”  I should know this, but every time I get busy I have to be reminded.  Thank you Marie for reminding me.- Lacy Ngo

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