Sunday, December 18, 2016

"More than Just Ornaments" by Sherry Glenn

 For more years than I can recall, every year my mother has made Christmas ornaments for the Bible Study Sunday School Class, my sister’s elementary school classes, and for her grandchildren.  When two of her granddaughters began teaching elementary school, their classes also made the list for the handmade treasures, and their second- and third-graders drew sweet construction paper thank you notes for Gram.

        Recently the mother of one of those elementary school children from many years ago sent a picture of his ornament hanging on the family’s Christmas tree.  That photo and my mother’s 91st birthday inspired my sister to post a request on Facebook for those who have one of Gram’s special ornaments to respond with a comment or picture.  To date, she has received over 50 replies.

        This week while sharing homebound communion with a long-time Saint John’s member, I noticed on her tree several of Gram’s ornaments including a pair of bells made of communion cups.  Faithful sharing of our love, gifts, and time make this season so special, and I have been touched by how these small ornaments lovingly crafted of yarn, pearls, and crystal beads have brought joy to hundreds of children and adults all over South Carolina for so many years. 

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