Sunday, September 2, 2012

Seeing God with the Help of a Child by Lacy Ngo

October 26, 2009, my beautiful little boy was born.  Everything went well.  He was a healthy baby except for a minor hydrocele, also known as swollen testicles.  The doctors said this was not unusual and that the hydrocele usually goes away on its own before the age of one.  However, if the hydrocele did not go away by one years old, then; my son may need a minor surgery especially if the hydrocele turns out to be a hernia.  Soon after my little boy’s first birthday, I noticed that his testicles were red.  Knowing about the hydrocele, I decided to get him checked out.  We took him to the doctor, who decided he should go straight to the urologist.  I was shocked, when the doctor suggested going to the urologist immediately.  It was now after 5:00 and the doctor was going to meet us at his already closed office.   I started thinking the worst.  On the way to the urologist, my son suddenly projectile vomited all over the car, car seat, and me.  I then became extremely worried.  Our worries were put to rest, when the doctor concluded that although my son did have a hernia and did need surgery, it was not an emergency.  The surgery could be scheduled for a later date.  The surgery would only take a couple of hours and my son would get to go home the same day of the surgery, but my son would have to be put to sleep.  My logical mind, knew this was a minor surgery, but the protective mother began to panic as the day approached.  I had heard of babies having bad reactions to anesthesia, and by the night before the surgery, I was extremely stressed.  Although, I was nervous, I did our normal bedtime routine just as I always do.  First, I laid my son on the changing table to change his diaper and put on his pjs.  Then, I bowed my head and said prayers while he was still lying on the changing table.  That night I said a special prayer, asking God to please help us know he is there with us during the surgery.  Then, I picked up my son and carried him to the rocking chair so that we could read our bedtime stories.  While I was walking to the rocking chair, my son looked straight up at one spot on the ceiling and casually said, “Hey.”  I was puzzled and asked, “Hilt, who are you saying hey to?”  Hilt simply replied, “God.”  Chills ran up my arm.  First of all, I bow my head when we pray, but Hilt looked up.  I asked God to help us feel his presence, and he did.  The surgery went smoothly and my son was home in a few hours.  -Lacy Ngo

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