Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lord, Be with My Children by Dana Hamilton

At the age of nine, I learned how losing a loved one can change your entire life and your entire way of living. My brother, Brandon, at age 14 passed away from a brain aneurism. He was born with heart problems and was in and out of the hospital in Charleston for his whole life. At age 2, he had open heart surgery. His life was by no means easy, and it definitely shaped his friendly, outgoing personality. He was an amazing brother who was very protective of me, his little sister.
His death shook my family and our way of life. Growing up as an only child for the second part of my childhood was very different. A piece of the puzzle was always missing, and in so many situations, I prayed that he was there with me. After seeing the hurt my parents have endured, I worry for my own children daily. I pray every day that God wraps his arms around my little boy, Whit, and my new baby girl, Cecilia. 
My faith has become even stronger since becoming a parent. I depend on God to relieve my daily stress and worries regarding my own children’s health and safety. We live in a dangerous and scary world, and the only way I won’t lock my children in our home each day to protect them is that I know God is their protector. 
The loss of my amazing older brother allows me to appreciate the time I have with my loved ones. Each day is cherished.  From my life experiences, I know each day is to be used to spread the word of God. We should  try to show God’s love to everyone because we never know when we will be called Home. 
Many Blessings,
Dana Hamilton 

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