Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Thank You Note by Lacy Ngo

As Neeshie is now leaving the infant stage and starting to move towards the toddler times, I have begun reflecting on the beauty and difficulties of the infant year.  Those first few months were trying, but I can truly say God gave me the support I needed through my family and friends, including my church family.  Thank you, church family, for all the food I received after the birth of Neeshie.  I never realized how much of an impact those meals have on a new mom until I received them.  Of course, the meals helped me physically.  Cooking meals was almost impossible while I was feeling sleep deprived, recuperating from childbirth, helping a 3-year-old boy adjust, and tending to a newborn.  However, those meals were so much more.  The first few days after childbirth, I felt the “baby blues.”  Life was chaotic and overwhelming.  I felt such a strong love for both children, but couldn’t figure out how to give then both the attention they needed.  Neeshie constantly wanted to eat and Hilt, feeling insecure, didn’t want to leave my side.  These meals were a “pick me up” during this time.  For one, they were something delicious to look forward to among the diapers and chaos, but moreover, I felt so much love from the people who sent the meals.  I didn’t feel alone.  Meal suppliers, you were my ray of light during the “baby blues” phase.  I will go even further and say you made me a better person.  When I experienced your kindness, you made me want to do more for others.  I just wanted to say thank you.

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