Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Witnessing the Incarnation- In Decoration byLauren Reinhardt

Squeals of laughter flowed from the sanctuary, the lobby of both new and old buildings, and the hallways in between.
Grown men dangled festive bows from high in the balcony, but it was a woman brave enough to scale the ladder to hang ornaments on the towering tree. No hands were idle. Boxes were unloaded, garland was unraveled, and many missions for pipe cleaners and ornament hooks were made. A cardboard container was designated a “doc box” to hold past decorating treasures that need a little TLC. Ribbons and bows were carefully smoothed, and yards upon yards of garland and dozens of wreaths were “fluffed.” The end result is a church in splendid anticipation of advent and the coming incarnation of Christ.
Behind the scenes were nearly a dozen children ranging in age from infants to kindergarten and three nursery staff who lovingly kept them occupied. The activity room in the nursery area was … active! But even the baby with severe separation anxiety separated from mama and played happily for several hours. And when the nursery workers were due to depart, two moms headed into that swell of activity to meet the children head on.
The after-advent party took place in Huddleston Hall with pizza and bananas – and cupcakes for a special birthday girl. It sure seemed like one big, happy family. And it is. They say it takes a village. I’d like to say I LOVE where I live. J I’m so thankful to my church FAMILY who show me Christ in so many ways.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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