Sunday, July 21, 2013

Thoughts on “Leaving Neverland” by Lacy Ngo

The sermon today was about where we are “rooted” in life.  Of the “roots” mentioned, one was definitely a “root” of mine and that was pleasure.  As a mostly stay-at-home mom, at the beginning of each week, I often think about how am I going to keep my child and family entertained this week.  What are we going to do fun this week along with all of my daily errands?  Not that we shouldn’t enjoy life, have fun, and “smell the roses” so to speak, but shouldn’t my everyday focus be on serving God.  As a Christian, I feel that life is not about the pursuit of happiness, but our focus should be more on serving God selflessly as Jesus did.  We should be living for God.  I would guess that most of us are not reaching our full potential as Christians or most of us have a long way to go before becoming “mature” Christians, as described in todays sermon.  I would say I am still a very immature Christian on a daily basis. 
Second, I am always amazed how the music and sermon are not planned together, yet they seem to go together so often, particularly the song directly following the sermon.  The sermon also mentioned how we should focus on truly seeing the real God instead of wanting to make God fit our lifestyle so that we don’t have to change.  We try to make God like us instead of being like him.  Today the song, “Until the Whole World Hears,” reiterated the sermon when saying, “And see the world through Your eyes, I want to be your hands and feet; I want to live a life that leads…And I pray that they will see, More of you and less of me, Lord, I want my life to be; The song You sing.”
            After the sermon, our Sunday school teacher shared a few thoughts on our sermon as well.  He said he feels like he has some fruit “rooted’ in his garden, but weeds keep popping up as well.  Our teacher also mentioned that, he does keep trying to pluck up the weeds instead of letting them take over.  Thanks to God’s grace we keep plucking weeds, and God keeps forgiving and giving us a “clean” start over and over. 
            My next question to myself is how do I mature as a Christian?  If I am really honest, I should probably focus each week on how am I going to serve God this week instead of how am I going to entertain my family this week.  I should also concentrate on thinking of God in every move I make throughout the week.  I need to talk to Him more regularly throughout the day.

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